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Moegsien Harris: Moegsien Harris has vast knowledge as a researcher of Quraan, Ahadith, and is respected for his knowledge of the writings of Aristotle, Rumi, AL Ghazalli, Omar Khayyam, Ibni Arabi, Khalil Gibran and a few of the renowned and Revered Auwliyah

Moegsien Harris has a passion for Strategic Human Capital Business Partnering, and has done extensive research on the subject matter. He strongly advocates that economics require a 360 degree turnaround, away from profits, towards a much more People-Centered focus in getting people to job security, and improving the social security of society on track. He is also the Principal and Chief Executive Officer of People Learning Challenges, a reputable College that offer Programmes and Qualifications in Leadership, Business and Entrepreneurship, including Strategic Human Capital Business Partnering.

His qualifications and expertise among others include all the areas of Business, Leadership and Entrepreneurship (on NQF levels 5 – 8), and Programmes in International Public Relations and Governance, Public Finance and Municipal Finance and Budgeting, and Industrial Psychology. Moegsien Harris is an expert in the National Qualification Framework, South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA), National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS), the National Human Resources Development Strategy (NHRDS), and a keen academic of Economics and the National Development Plan (NDP).

Moegsien serve many social development and action groups in both urban and rural areas, and is a keen researcher in national, Africa and international Social, Political and Economic Transformation and Change development. Mr  Harris develop his own learning programmes, and has written several academic papers, and is renowned and respected by his peers and academia worldwide.

The Legacy of the Greatest World Martyr ❤ – HAZRAT IMAM HUSAIN

The Vicious Killing and Inhumane Destruction of Human Life in Palestine, Gaza, Kashmir, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Sudan, Yemen, Africa Sud, Egypt, and in other parts of the world.We hold the following criminal, political and some business "powers"...

PART 7 – LOVE ❤ Connect to the Only Source of LOVE ❤.

Faith in the only source of truth, is in our connection to Creator, that open the Powerful Spiritual Power of the Mind to find solace and LOVE ❤ is in Creator, and that allows our faith in humanity. It is our ability to connect to Creator, serve humanity, that...

PART 6 – LOVE ❤ Connect to the Only Source of LOVE ❤

If you can create an imagination of LOVE ❤ through the Powerful Spiritual Power of the Mind, then knowing the truth of connecting to the Only Source of LOVE ❤ is indeed your reality in reaching to the SELF and LOVE ❤ and Only LOVE ❤ immerse the Body, Mind and Soul to...

PART 5 – LOVE ❤ Connect to the Only LOVE ❤

Body, Mind and Soul. LOVE ❤ True, Impeccable Trusted LOVE ❤ expresses itself in the growth and development of good character, awesome attitude and inspired by personality. When Consciousness (Taqwah), we tend to experience tremendous power, amazing capacities of Body,...

PART 4 – LOVE ❤, What is LOVE ❤

The nature of true, Impeccable Trusted LOVE ❤, is to give unconditionally, with Humility and Kindness, and with Blessings. All of these resemble the sun that gives light, and the flowers their fragrance, and it does not demand, nor does it require anything in return....


• Masters Degree in Philosophy in the academic discipline of Islamic Sciences
• Advanced Diploma in Business Management (S.A.I.M NQF 7: Full Member (Fellow) SAIM)
• Certificate Public Relations (Chartered Practitioner)(PRISA NQF 5)
• Management Development Program (MDP)( Univ.Stell.Bus Sch. NQF 6)
• Senior Leadership & Management Program (Univ.Stell.Bus.Sch. NQF 7)
• Certified Technical Financial Accountant (Diploma) (Inst.Cert.Bookkeepers NQF 5 )
• Certificate Entrepreneurship (Cape Technikon)

• Certificate in Foresight Leadership & Innovation (Innovation Leadership Board)
• Public Finance Management Program (Afrec UCT Graduate School)
• Performance Budgeting & Financial Management (Public Finance Act)(Afrec UCT Graduate School)
• Diploma Business Management
• Chartered Institute Business Management (CIBM) NQF5 ;
• Southern African Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (CIS)
• Certificate Industrial Relations

Faculty Head :

Moegsien Harris

Associate Professor,  – MA Deg. M. Phil (Islamic Sciences)

Faculty of Peace & Critical Leadership Innovation

Programme in World Peace Critical Innovation & Foresight Leadership.

This international programme is regarded as the foremost in transformation & change required to enhance a people-centered economy that seek to improve on our ability to create empowerment measurements and security for sustainable economic growth and development.

The programme highlights good governance and acceptable levels of strategic human capital business partnering initiatives that assist government state owned enterprises (SOE’s), and business to forge true impeccable trusted partnering of business and labor in building a successful economy.

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