Abdul Malick Ally certainly lives up to being the forerunner in innovative thinking. He manages both the Leadership and Practical Basic Business Skills Programmes. Abdul Malick is the ideal choice in that he brings foresight into the entire leadership spectrum and aligns content to the thinking of the modern world.

He has the wit and wisdom in dealing with critical social and academic challenges as it presents itself and give people an attentive ear in articulating their thoughts and views. 

CEO of Beyond Leadership

Abdul Malick is passionate in developing people skills particularly among the young entrepreneurs and willingly follow good leadership talents and expertise. Abdul Malick remains positive about future opportunities and one can almost hear him say, “let us do so NOW”, as the “Future is NOW!” He brings vast knowledge and thinking around both the Beyond Leadership and the Practical Basic Business Skills Programme and he is strongly in favour of getting more entrepreneurs and young business executives to the forefront of a transformed and sustainable growing economy.

This talented presenter is highly energetic, efficient and quite effective in bringing the young views and ideas to the discussion table, and have the brilliant mind in bringing together both existing expertise and that of the youth in working well together as the think tank and finding the absolute solution to strategy and processes.

Abdul Malick is blessed with immense talent and people skills that only add value to an organisation. He is committed in building a transformed economic system with all the latent talents that we can muster in bringing about the necessary changes in our intellect and modes of thinking. In one of Abdul Malick’s famous remarks on etiquette he says, “Personal values and behaviour is something that one acquires and practice as individuals, and one can easily detect these values and behaviour through respect shown towards people from different cultures and customs.” This motivator of people is advanced in his thinking in bringing about necessary change for success and in getting a job well done, on time, and preparing on the challenges that follow.