Body, Mind & Soul

Nourishment 4 of nature’s body, mind and soul ❤

1. Law of nourishment
2. Movement
3. Recuperation
4. Sanitation

We regularly read and learn of healthy eating and the necessity of diet.

Every living organism need food as sustenance. Amazingly, that even the most common of vegetable cell takes nourishment and replaces it’s waste products by fresh material. It is guided by Innate Wisdom for it absorbs the food that is essential for its growth and development. The soil and climate regulates in a manner that are conducive for its well-being. Nature produces the finest of plant life known to humanity. If however, it is grown under different conditions, that are impoverished and devitalised, the plant then adapts itself to its new environment, that results in a product that is in essence a similar, however, a degenerate specimen. It is only when you allow it to grow under its true natural conditions and environment, can we expect the perfect specimen or plant sustenance. This is the wisdom that we find manifest in all vegetables, an Intelligence expressed through natural law that guides and controls sustenance of plant life. The miracles afforded to us by ALLAH /GOD Consciousness.

It is through another state of higher consciousness (Taqwah), that animals develop taste and appetite through instinct, as they roam in a free and natural state, unless it is attacked by an outside destructive force (known as the evil). Animals in a free environment secures food for sustenance only when the body requires nourishment, and thus unmolested by man, or Reason, will find the perfect animal.

Man, however, in its primitive state is directed to a great extent, by his Powerful Power of the Mind, and by the gift of reason or wisdom, started to cook, preserve and concoct the purity of sustenance. Man without true knowledge, tampers with the natural laws of nature’s product, and the result is the destruction of the greater original nutritive value. It is through man’s greediness and selfishness, that the Consequences of the digestive system has degenerated, and his food has become deficient as elements that are essential sustenance of a perfect body and maintenance of his health. It is only through intake of food that are natural to his body that the body, mind and soul can function properly.

Humanity has disobeyed the Law of Nourishment, and the body has developed into imperfect digestive organs. We as humanity now live in a degenerated body, mind and soul, due to improper food intake and wrong lifestyle.
Greater wisdom and Intellectual Understanding our Spiritual relationships to ALLAH /GOD Consciousness, that we seek the true impeccable way in the Law of Nourishment through the Good Books, and the Miracles that manifest Goodness, can we return to the Natural ways of sustenance in attaining a perfect body, mind and soul.

Let us consider the origination of the health and sustenance of man, and it will result in our consciousness of ALLAH /GOD through the true impeccable acquisition of Knowledge, Wisdom and Intellect. ❤