Director: Abdul Malick Ally
Administrator : Moegsien Harris

It is about innovation in research and methodology that focus and guide creative ideas, and activities for advancing the Powerful Power of the Mind.
* Develop innovation and Foresight from creative thinkers and involve teams to share and to network extensively.
* To allow for true critical thinking that place the best ideas in innovation and Foresight in teams and organisations.

Benefits :
** Strategic and powerful benefits from innovation and foresight help to prepare your team and organization right NOW, in questioning and successfully applying fundamental in considering ;

1. How do one seek for opportunities
2. How can we all benefit by focusing on opportunities that assist in our modes of thinking as we stray on the focused path.
3. How do we activate the strategic plan NOW that will assist us to succeed within anticipated time.

Note :Each path is designed to assist and support the team to consider the best way possible in successfull application, and in the methodology of the integration of the carefully considered and designed practices.

How do we define Foresight, quite easy to understand :

* Powerful Power of the Mind
* Research and consider methodologies and practices that add value
* Strategic Foresight is based on the NOW choices that influences action
* Accept ambiguity as intrinsically part of decisions that are resolved

And defining Innovation by by exploring, developing and support of new ideas for the marketplace :

** Actively supporting process and output
** Focus on the process to develop and enhance the output
** Impeccable Trust and commitment to innovation is focusing on improved ideas and maximizing impact

What is the true impact of our thoughts :

***Having a lasting understanding of Vision and Transformation for change are the essence of the SELF and the Powerful Power of the Mind

* The connection between the Heart❤and Knowledge, Wisdom and Intellect

* Use with true Impeccable Trust, the Powerful Power of the Mind and express with action will impact the lives of people

* You can make a difference in the lives of people, when you succeed in the success of your actions

* The more effort and commitment that you put in your dreams, the better success and achievements will be your reward to making a difference in the lives of Humanity

Mindfulness, beyondleadership is about the Future is NOW!

# The Future is NOW in spite of your level of readiness

# Be contented as you build on the foundation of the NOW!

# Continuous improvement is added daily to the success

# Continuous research and development of various methods of Foresight and Innovation, create different understanding in applying strategy to the success of the plan

# Your understanding of innovation and Foresight, help to develop and implement strategy for Success

 Foresight VISION, applying some in activities.

## Perspective
## Opportunity
## Solution
## Team
## Vision


* The processes above are overlapping each other, resulting in acceptable perspectives to opportunities, solutions and team, for improved vision

* Each phase develop into its own distinct set of activities, adjusting to long-range innovation, in spite of the tendency to overlap

* Remember the phases, as together give thought to mindfulness_beyondleadership by POSTV, path to the Future is NOW!

Understand and apply the use of the methods :

** Think outside of the box in order to create new ideas to implement

** Applying new tools give us a structured approach to improving activity output in obsolete production

** New innovative solutions to tools particularly in capital-intensive industries can assist creativity, with alternative considerations in using better utilization of capacity and resources

** Anticipate ongoing changes and development in technology, and be ready for these technoly advancement, and craft solutions for efficiency and effectiveness in mindfulness_beyondleadership

** Be the leaders in transformation and change in initiating excellent work environments and practices for the Future is NOW!

** We are trendsetters in the application of tested methodology, as we have redesigned our organisation’s long range planning and strategies that are aligned to the vision of being a trendsetter in our organizational approach and planning

** We conclude that our vision and approaches are easy to understand, and are reaching our stakeholders dreams and imaginations of success



* Vision, so often occurs to many of us as a dream, that engulfs the powetful power of the mind, and conquers every facet of body, mind and soul, in the promotion of vision.

* The VISION provides us with an opportunity to develop building blocks in order to describe and understand the idea, and to crystal clear the intention to inspire, and motivate others in creating clear thoughts and expectations of the successes in opportunities as presented.

* The VISION is therefore focused in creating innovative, Foresight and critical thinking, that use research and development, and information that can be tested, in order to make informed decisions.

* It is possible to develop and create, and transform all information into the effective use of technology and the human expertise and knowledge that are available.

* The Leadership effectiveness and efficiencies, the Future is NOW! are due to the planning processes, and the availability of enhanced and up to date technology in social networking tools and interaction through useful social media networks, and visual art and design expertise.

* VISION can be realised by people impeccable trusted competencies through the use of social media and networks, platforms etc.

* VISION occurs where the oncept of leadership inevitably allows for second perspectives on leadership to occur, we can conclude that leadership finds leaders.

* We learn of leadership by studying, and observing leaders in action.

* VISION is prevalent and active where meaning is created through open communication, and that is precisely where leadership occurs