One of the critical aspects of life is that of conflict between two people or more due largely to not being able to conceptualizing the responsibilities under spiritual consciousness, ethical, and moral values inherent in the leader”s character and attitude.

* The programme deals with some of the key elements that counselors are challenged daily in dealing with conflict and some solutions that may be considered.
* What are our relationship with Creator and creation.
* Define understanding between Creator and creation.
* What are the consciousness levels of Creator and dealing with human Behavior, and human relationships with creation;
> Animals
> Plants
> Nature
> Conservation
> Preservation

* Define and deal with ;
>> Spiritual consciousness
>> Ethics
>> Morals
>> Values
>> Qualities
>> Attitudes
>> Impeccable trust

* Leadership defined;
¥ Inherent leadership traits
¥ Inherent leadership talents
¥ Building on who we are
¥ Building on what we have
¥ Building on where we want to be
¥ Where do we need to be
¥ Is there a “middle road”

* Understanding behavioral leadership
€ Leadership styles
€ Personality traits
€ Fitting in the leadership equation

* LOVE ❤
* Compassion
* Empathy
* Kindness
* Humility
* Contentment

Define Success

* Let’s Build on a solid humane, human foundation.

* Assignment and presentations

* Closure