Director: Dylan Smith
Advisor: Moegsien Harris

Dylan Smith was only 23 years young, when he worked along with others in being one of the first to adopt the vision and purposes of Beyond Leadership, the Future is NOW!!
It was at this critical juncture that Dylan focused his attention on his inherent role in creative visual arts and communication skills as intrinsically linked to be part in developing his leader talents and traits.

Dylan was exposed through various interactions with like minded people, and injecting his energies through his activities in community projects and services in art and designs with various youth leaders and township communities in creative mural arts that displayed the positivity that the leaders have in growing and developing our youth as true impeccable leaders of Beyond Leadership, the Future is NOW!

Dylan Smith used his talents and passion, together with his BA Degree in Visual Arts and Communication, and Certificate in DTP (Desktop Publishing) in order to promote and develop the youth from township communities to be active in the transformation and changes for Justice and a better life for all of Humanity.
Dylan Smith is therefore the ideal candidate to be our leader in the Centre for Visual Arts, Design and Communication.
[10:38, 11/20/2018] Moegsien Harris: Please add the PiC of Dylan Smith together with the profile under the school’s of the website
[10:43, 11/20/2018] Faiek: Ok
[10:57, 11/20/2018] Moegsien Harris: The Centre for Visual Arts, Design and Communication will focus on

Youth empowerment programmes by initiating :

* Seminars and Conferences in Developing visual arts, including communication skills and mindfulness crafts and designs
* Promoting graffiti and other art projects in the furtherance of the learning of visual arts, designs and communication skills for youth
* Marketing the Centre in excellence to various government departments, agencies, commerce and industry, as opportunities to engage and to stimulate for true sustainable economic growth and development with all sectors of community life and development.
* To initiate projects and seminars, together with education and enterprise agencies and schools, in the furtherance of critical skills, training and empowerment of the youth.
* Other innovative and creative skills for Empowerment of the youth and communities
* Promoting ongoing mentorship of youth participants in projects and Programmes, using visual and graphic art as methods of teaching ethics and character building, best life principles, teamwork, critical, innovative and creative thinking, and applying creativity as value added to the business world, and developing the creative upskilling of the youth