As Salaamu Alaykum /Peace on all Humanity. We are Grateful and Most Blessed with Challenges, as we are from the early 1950 babies born and Bred on the slopes surrounding the Mother City of Cape Town, Alghamdulillah. We have probably a concise and clear view of the Vision and Purposes in life that we inherited from our Beloved Parents and Grandparents, and Uncles and Aunts. Their Commitment to the Deen of Islam in the True way of life of the Ahli Sunnah wal Jama-ah were the foundation of our growth and Development. The Thikrullah of our forefathers continue to dominate our lives and our families, Alghamdulillah.

The majority of Muslims of the Cape were of the Malaysian /Makassar, Java, Indonesian and practiced the Imam Shafi Mathahab, and the pockets of Muslims from Indian descent were primarily following the Imam abu Hanifa Mathahab, and life with all these Muslims were tranquil filled with LOVE and Nur from ALLAH /GOD, till after 1990, when other fake so called spiritual groups with no intent to promoting unity in the Muslim Ummah. After our democracy, a new form of cult entered the fray of Muslims in the South African community, more notably from Indo-Pak, and are trying to infiltrate the harmonious life of the Muslims of the Cape, both of the Imams Sunni and abu Hanifa Mathahabs.

There are a few good Internationally renowned Sheighs, Hazrats and Pirs, who’s follows are doing sterling community and spiritual development work among the poor communities, and we commend them for being intrinsically part of the development of society here in the Cape. Then there are a few Missionaries, who come from other Arab countries, and educated in South East Asia, that are opportunists and draw from the wealth of the poor Muslim communities, and show little interest in building a Loving Muslim community to emerge and grow its Islamic Value System and build on True, Impeccable Muslim cultures and Ethical and Moral Values and Qualities. We have great Ulamaa and Spiritual Leaders born and Bred South African and African, that are Spiritually conscious of ALLAH, and of the Sunnah of the Beloved Rasullullah (saw). We will not stand by to watch these “mickey mouse” gangs, raping the minds of the Muslim Ummah and Youth of the Cape. We are appealing to the True Ulamaa and Sheikhs that stand for the Truth (Haq) to be Vigilant at the Masjids and places of Islamic Learning, to not encourage these cults to ferment in the minds and Hearts of the Muslim Ummah.

Our Youth is the target. Learn from our forefathers and grow a Muslim Society based on the Ethical disciplines and Moral Values and Qualities of the babies that were born since the 1920’s. The Ratibul Ghaddaat and the Thikrullah, and Arawaagh and Ghatam al Quraan that we are accustomed to know and to learn from each other. Ulamaa and Sheikhs, and Learned Scholars of True Islam, your Makkah and Medina and Masjidul Aqsa are the 3 Most important Masjids of remembrance in your SELF and Heart Consciousness. Thuma Ameen.

LOVE and Nur from ALLAH /GOD and be connected in the recitation of Quraan and the Sunnah of the Beloved Rasullullah, Sallallahu Allayhi Wa Salaam. ❤