True, Impeccable Trusted LOVE ❤ is undoubtedly of the Divine, and is regarded as the highest attribute of the human soul.
It is of the harmonious energies that create movement between Body, Mind and Soul. LOVE ❤ is the core of the principle of our Life. LOVE ❤ embodies Body, Mind and Soul, it certainly is creative principle and foundation of the SELF.

If only we could convince human nature, through the Powerful Spiritual Power of the Mind, to remain true enough to itself, and permit the development and free Impeccable Trusted activity of this mighty force of LOVE ❤, to implode in the Body, Mind and Soul, all of Humanity would have been vitalized and respected by its influence, and it would have been the amazing success of Humanity today, and forever.

What would then have been a natural function of human life, LOVE ❤, Justice, Peace, would certainly be the Goodwill, that would breathe in every human, Body, Mind and Soul….

LOVE ❤ is undoubtedly the most Powerful Spiritual Power in the the Spiritual Heart of LOVE ❤,for LOVE ❤ embraces within its Power of radiation much of the Awesome qualities of the SELF, namely, LOVE ❤ of the SELF, faith, hope, charity, Kindness, patience, sympathy, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, courage, Humility etc.

…….. and it continues…. LOVE ❤❤❤