Once upon a time there lived a king whose name was Abrāha. He built a huge church and asked all Arabs to worship in it. This site was richly decorated with treasures from the collection of Bilqīs, Queen of Shībah. The Arabs loyalty lay with the Ka’aba, built by Nabī Ebrāhīm, ‘alayhi salām. Abrāha was furious because the Arabs refused to worship under his rule.

He gathered his army along with a great, powerful elephant called Mahmud and marched towards Makkah with the intention of destroying the ka’ba. When his army reached the Ka’ba and the elephant’s eyes fell on the master of the Quraysh tribe, ‘Abdul Muttalib, it knelt and said: “I testify that you are the master of Quraysh.” Abrahah’s men beat the elephant in an attempt to make it rise, but it refused. So they turned him towards Yemen, and he rose and walked quickly.


Then they turned him towards greater Syria and he did likewise. Then they turned him towards the east and he did the same thing. Then they turned him towards Makkah and he knelt down again. Then Allah sent against them the birds from the sea, which destroyed them. This year came to be known as the year of the elephant [‘ām al-fīl]. Allah informs us in the holy Qur’ān:


1. Have you not seen how your Lord dealt with the people of the elephant. 2. Did He not make their plot go astray. 3. And He sent against them birds, in flocks 4. Striking them with stones of clay. 5. And He made them like straw and fodder for animals.



WHEREVER HE WENT BLESSINGS FOLLOWED: When the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was still an infant, a group of ladies visited Makkah to take the new born babies to the open desert environment as per custom of the town. Halima Sa’diyya, a deeply spiritual and humble lady from Banu Sa’d tribe, was that fortunate lady who took the baby Muhammad, then just an-eight-day-old, for foster care.

All the woman rushed for babies that came from wealthy families which left Halima with the orphan baby Muhammad. Her companions were apparently happy with their findings but nobody knew that Halima was carrying a baby that was to become the greatest personality in human history.

He was gifted with countless blessings from Allah. And it occurred instantly. Examples include her breasts being filled with milk; her donkey, which was weak and tired, suddenly gaining super strength running past all the caravans, much like a new Porsche would overtake an old fox.


When she arrived home her goats were flowing with milk and all the families drank their fill. Halima soon realized that this was not just a ordinary baby.