Mrs Kerseri Naidoo lead a winning Leadership team through all the traits in knowing and acting the Beyond Leadership, the Future is NOW!

Many a quote for thought, follows her actions, and leave an indelible mark on whoever cross the Leadership, Ethical, and Moral Values and Qualities, to be touched by Awesome influences.

Mrs Kerseri Naidoo is a professional mindfulness leader of note, and she continue to add to the empowerment and transformation of the educators and learners alike, as she facilitate many intellectual workshops and seminars that enhances the body, mind and soul to work in unison and LOVE ❤ consciousness

Mrs Naidoo strives for excellence in all of her activities, and are creative in bringing together the knowledge, wisdom and Intellect of educators and learners.

Kerseri is a qualified and experienced academic, par excellence, with even greater leadership accolades attached to her resume, and has been an ambassador and speaker to many national and international conferences.

Mrs Kerseri Naidoo is a most Incredibly knowledgeable person on true trusted leadership development, and innovative foresight, and critical thinking processes for implementation.