Many of us have limited understanding of what energy of LOVE ❤ manifest, somewhat like a natural chemistry that runs through our bodies, which draw us to each other.
We may be conscious of LOVE ❤ through the physical alone, through the mental alone, or only through the spiritual. It may be through some combination of the three mentioned above that attract us towards each other. We once more experience LOVE ❤ as a result of only the senses, or physical organism, that result in the vilest passions of thought of a perverted nature, ‘counterfeit LOVE’, and this result in a short-sighted satiated desire.

The tragedy of this vile understanding of LOVE ❤, result in the tragic Mind under pressure, that influence passions of anger, jealousy, hatred etc., and certainly a step to real tragedy and crime of the Body, Mind and Soul.

Relationship that form as a result through mental attractions, or through attraction of the distorted Powerful Power of the Mind of like characters, are less destructive, however, such contact does not result in Impeccable LOVE ❤. This LOVE result in attachment only due to gratification of a blend of similar intellectual tastes and qualifications in limited understanding. It can therefore be qualified that the energies of two bodies that are influenced by sensual or intellectual gratification will not last the test of time for true LOVE ❤ to grow.

Indulgence of warped desires for two bodies to LOVE ❤, is a contravention of the natural law and will result in detrimental consequences. It can be further deduced that LOVE ❤ through spiritual attraction, do not necessarily LOVE ❤. This type of LOVE ❤ may result through a lower plane, as LOVE ❤ can only grow from a pure and Impeccable trusted environment. Whether emotions of two bodies may be felt by like souls and defined as pure LOVE ❤ or not depends on the standards that are understood by the energies of the two bodies.

It really is true from our energies of LOVE ❤, that individuals joining their physical, mental and spiritual natures and even under such circumstances know very little, other than that of emotions generated through the contact of like elements. These type of examples give us some understanding of how the law of attraction, operating under various superficial influences and by our own associations, may draw together all kinds of Humanity.

It is from these kinds of combinations of various people that we form the natures that are inconsistent, and also inharmonious, and temporary to true LOVE ❤.

This will continue in a series of the nature of people in LOVE ❤ energies………