Of the attributes that are preserved in human nature, the senses and qualities of LOVE ❤ is not properly represented by way of the Heart of LOVE ❤, and the least understood in terms of knowledge and the wisdom emanating from the knowledge.

When one access knowledge of true LOVE ❤, it becomes active through the intellectual understanding and the actions through impeccably LOVE ❤.

LOVE ❤ will not allow errors, nor will it allow artificial or fake LOVE ❤. It can expect that desire and selfishness will colour the nature of the evils, and the true LOVE ❤ are smothered by its evils and deceit, and only a feint spark of LOVE ❤ will continue to glow, as this will indicate that the fires of delusion, in spite of the evils that have surrounded and stifled human LOVE ❤, that LOVE ❤ has not been defeated by evil, and that LOVE of the Body, Mind and Soul has only submerged in order to preserve LOVE ❤ for human beings, and will never allow true LOVE ❤ to be destroyed by utter desolation.

By its remaining glow of warmth, light and Nur from ALLAH SWTA / GOD is always with Humanity through hope, repentance and seeking forgiveness.

True and impeccably trusted LOVE ❤ emanates from ALLAH SWTA / GOD, and that is the only essence of true, impeccably LOVE ❤.
LOVE is ‘self givingness’ through creation. ALLAH SWTA / GOD is the only source of LOVE ❤.

The Body, Mind and Soul become conscious of its connection with ALLAH SWTA / GOD, Lord of all creation, known and unknown. It is only when humanity and creation become truly conscious of the ONENESS of ALLAH SWTA / GOD can it give LOVE ❤ that is genuine and pure.

The nature of true LOVE ❤ is to give, to bless, and to serve humanity as LOVE ❤ from the only source is given unconditionally with only LOVE ❤ to LOVE.