The nature of true, Impeccable Trusted LOVE ❤, is to give unconditionally, with Humility and Kindness, and with Blessings. All of these resemble the sun that gives light, and the flowers their fragrance, and it does not demand, nor does it require anything in return.

Fake or false love focus on itself ; it is selfish, binding and exacting. It is far from sincere and genuine, it truly is narrow and shallow, and can never be permanent. It is immersed in evil, it is critical, filled with condemnation and jealousy, and as a result knows only that of hatred. False and fake love is filled with thought of obtaining something in return. It is self centered and shallow, and lives for itself and for its own gratification.

When love is confined only to certain individuals or groups ; when it is showered by personal tastes, opinions and prejudices ; when it restricts its own development due to customs, belief, social status, nationality and by racial divides, then we are indulging in some way of Counterfeit love.

You are mistaken by evil energies in your SELF by thinking of LOVE ❤ that is something we can express or repress at will. We have a tendency to classify and discriminate on people in line with our likes and dislikes.

Think with that Powerful Power of the Mind, when you quite easily show kindness and give consideration to our intimates, but to strangers we are cold, clearly judgemental, and indifferent. 😪.
We are committed through our national constitution to LOVE ❤ our countrymen, our religious diversity, our way of thinking and social living, while we show intolerance towards those who differ from us in our diversity, and those who differ in points of view, become victims of disdain and bitter aversion. Two opposing forces in LOVE ❤ energy cannot flow from One Source, and this opposing energies can never be from

The Source of LOVE ❤.

The most critical energy of life to be malevolent and yet also benevolent, is as Expressed by Jesus, who said, “LOVE ❤ your enemies ; LOVE ❤ those that hate you.” The emotion of LOVE ❤ is an electro-manifestation from the Powerful Power of the Mind, which is unsurpassed in strength than that of hatred ; hence it overcomes hate in every aspect of its energies.
The Body, Mind and Soul are animated with True LOVE ❤, it radiates the warmth of LOVE ❤ and Light (Nur), and it only Bless and Inspire whomsoever seek LOVE ❤, in order that it’s beneficence will mirror the same en-nobling energies and influences.

True and Impeccable Trusted LOVE ❤ expresses itself in critical thinking, in the growth in Knowledge, Wisdom and Intellectual Qualities and Values and Action, and undoubtedly in Character and Personality.

Through Divine LOVE ❤ we become engulfed in LOVE ❤ Consciousness (Taqwah), and with LOVE ❤ throygh Consciousness (Taqwah), we become LOVE ❤ with tremendous Spiritual Power, amazing extraordinary energy capacitated, higher aspirations and inspired, and Free from evil transgressions…. LOVE ❤

As we grow in Knowledge, Wisdom and Intellectual Qualities and Values and Action on the understanding of LOVE ❤ as a Blessing from the Divine, we find it much easier to perform in our daily tasks and to meet life’s challenges in serving Humanity.
It is of critical thought that it be reiterated that that only when humanity and creation become truly conscious of the ONENESS of ALLAH SWTA / GOD can it give LOVE ❤ that is genuine and pure.
The nature of True LOVE ❤ is to give of oneself unconditionally, to bless, and to serve Humanity.

It is with LOVE ❤ that I reference the revered Jalal ad-Din Mohammad Balkhi in Persia early in the Thirteenth century, the poet known as RUMI (named after the city where he lived)

“Both light and shadow
are the dance of LOVE ❤
LOVE ❤ has no cause ;
it is the astrolabe of ALLAH SWTA / GOD secrets.
LOVER and LOVING are inseparable and timeless.

Although I may try to describe LOVE ❤
when I experience it I am speechless.
Although I may try to write about LOVE ❤
I am rendered helpless ;
My pen breaks and the paper slips away at the ineffable place
where LOVER ❤, LOVING ❤ and LOVED ❤ are One.

Every moment is made glorious by the Light of LOVE ❤.