If you can create an imagination of LOVE ❤ through the Powerful Spiritual Power of the Mind, then knowing the truth of connecting to the Only Source of LOVE ❤ is indeed your reality in reaching to the SELF and LOVE ❤ and Only LOVE ❤ immerse the Body, Mind and Soul to the pleasure of the Source of LOVE ❤. It is truly LOVE ❤in reality when your SELF prostrate in the lowest position to the ground (Sujood), nothing, but nothing can break the knot between the SELF and the Source of LOVE ❤.

One experience the Best in LOVE ❤ when the creative capacity is endowed with LOVE ❤, the immense benefits that LOVE ❤ empowers the Body, Mind and Soul is priceless.

The value of LOVE ❤ through prostration with Knowledge, that absorb Wisdom and Intellectual Qualities and Values and Action in the best ever understanding of Creator Consciousness (Taqwah).
LOVE ❤ outclassed the greed, selfishness, lust, and any discord, suffering from anxiety and material greed will undoubtedly suffer inevitable consequences.

It is cold and barren, and meaningless a life where LOVE ❤ is wanting. What absurd satisfaction or reward can be achieved by performing tasks or rendering service for material gain, or in the line of duty, with no inspiration or motivation to attain LOVE ❤.

It is a clear sign for humanity, and the SELF, to be mindful, when Body, Mind and Soul mingle among themselves, or in groups, societies, organizations, or nations; their actions are governed by either greed or LOVE ❤ ; and if LOVE ❤ does not present itself as the dominant SELF, then their will be casualties that will suffer in the process, in the degree that another gain materially.

This is the result in seeking material gain as opposed to the value of LOVE ❤. Leadership and Leaders cannot aspire without true LOVE ❤ being present in the SELF.
Mindfulness Beyond Leadership Ethics and Moral Values and Qualities……. LOVE ❤, the Future is NOW!

Remember the Powerful Spiritual Power of the Mind…. The Power of Attraction of Impeccable Trusted LOVE ❤, brings together those who are immersed in the Knowledge, Wisdom and Intellectual Qualities and Values and Action.