Faith in the only source of truth, is in our connection to Creator, that open the Powerful Spiritual Power of the Mind to find solace and LOVE ❤ is in Creator, and that allows our faith in humanity. It is our ability to connect to Creator, serve humanity, that ultimately give us understanding and meaning in the true purpose and possibilities of life. Perfect and Impeccable Trust in LOVE ❤, relinquish fear, and develop courage, and inspire strength. True and Impeccable Trusted courage constitutes the essence of sacrificial LOVE ❤; and without LOVE ❤ from the only source will be futile to elevate ourselves to higher planes of life and Intellectual thinking.

There exist in all of us some truth, which, when LOVE ❤and light (Nur) from the Source illuminate our focus path, and the SELF, all of truth that are responsible for elevation and higher achievement has risen as a result of the sacrifice made by the individual. Truth has many names, but its meaning is best embedded in LOVE ❤.

It is precisely that genuine Impeccable LOVE ❤ that the power of attraction brings together those who are divinely inspired through worthy LOVE ❤. It is the power of attraction that bonds similar spiritual hearts of LOVE ❤, that result in innovative and creative critical thinking through humanity that are immersed and blessed with greater energy and powers of success. Power of attraction is best suited in the Oneness of belief in Creator that open the inevitable knowledge, Wisdom and Intellectual qualities and values towards the SELF that are submerged in the Spiritual Heart of LOVE ❤.

Let all of Humanity benefit from the true power of attraction and find the perfect solution and meaning towards LOVE ❤. Nothing else matters, and no power can disturb the benefits that result from true, Impeccable trusted LOVE ❤.

True Leaders of LOVE are greatly affected by the power of attraction, and the benefits that culminate from Mindfulness Beyond Leadership, the Future is NOW! Leaders emanating through Mindfulness Beyond Leadership, know when it is time to position in Leadership, and when the time comes to emancipate to another plane, and focus on the Leadership SELF.

May we present ourselves to the time for us to enjoin in Mindfulness Beyond Leadership, the Future is NOW!