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Practical Skills

Practical Skills – 3 Day Seminar

Beyond Leadership, the Future is NOW!
Abdul Malick Ally (CEO)

Moegsien Harris
Strategic advisor to the CEO

Who should attend the 3 day seminar.
• Youth graduate interns
• Women empowerment
• Unemployed youth
• Human Capital Development Managers
• Training and leadership specialists
• Entrepreneurs
• Government employees
• Labour representatives
• Non Profit Organisations (NPO’s)

Empowering greater numbers of the youth, including women for exposure to the entrepreneurial and business opportunities make economic sense for South Africa to emerge as the investment hub and choice for Africa’s development.

We are now much more focused in developing our manufacturing, mining and agricultural sectors, and in meeting our low human capital capacity to a people-centred strategy. More workers and businesses learn and developing our capabilities with high productivity resulting in greater and higher levels of value added income to our national economy, and better delivery of social services to the people.
South Africa has committed itself to develop and improve its production capacity, and to align its human capital training strategy to the critical skills required in building a sustainable economic growth for commerce and its local industries.

This short Practical Enterprise Skills course is designed for all of us to collectively work towards an effective and efficient workforce that will enable us to meet the millennium goals for economic success.

(F) denotes Facilitator
Group denotes: Attendees will be placed in groups
Six main focus areas are:
• Production – Planning and producing your product
• Finance – Management of money in your business
• Marketing – Taking decisions on what product to produce and selling the product
• Human Capital – Managing people – processes & procedures
• Management – Control & motivation of the business and workers
• Leadership – Understanding true leadership practices
Day 1
Registration – Coffee / Tea
Welcome & introduction of facilitators and attendees
Structures of the seminar & functions in the business
Selection of group leadership / management positions
Complete and fill in the business information form
Tea / Coffee break
Business ethics and values (F & Groups assignments)
Marketing (F)
Product Criteria (F & Groups assignments)
Financing your business / Cash flow (F & Groups assignments)
Lunch break
Business makes profit / Calculating of break-even point (F)
Choosing of products (F & Groups assignments)
Tea / Coffee break
Market research on products (F & Groups assignments)
Closure Day 1

Day 2
Tea / Coffee
Pricing & costing (F & Groups assignments)
Choice of product (F & Groups assignments)
Solving of problem/s (F & Groups assignments)
Tea / Coffee break
Business meetings protocol (F & Groups assignments)
Discuss content of business plan (F & Groups assignments)
Prepare a business plan (F & Groups assignments)
Stock & equipment (F & Groups assignments)
Discuss production process (F & Groups assignments)
Lunch break
Selling techniques, invoicing & sales (F & Groups assignments)
Financials control & understanding (F & Groups assignments)
Tea / Coffee break
Product / Market assessment (F & Groups assignments)
Production Activities (Groups assignments)
Closure Day 2

Day 3
Tea / Coffee
The Business Environment / Economics & Investor & Transformation (F)
Wealth Creation (F & Groups assignments)
Tea / Coffee break
Leaders and Leadership (F)
Why Coach Leaders (F)
What is Leadership (F)
Developing the Leadership Ethics & Values (F & Groups assignments)
Lunch break
Group Presentations / Assessments
Certificates of attendance

16.15 Closure Day 3

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