Sheikh (Professor / Dr) Shaheed Satardien is a visionary of outstanding innovation, Foresight, and critical thinking, when he was the driving force in establishing the Independent Peace and Dialogue University (IPDU) together with 67 Professors and academics from various locations of the arab world, during the year, 2010, at a conference at Daboyne, Dublin in Ireland.

The conference attendees adopted by virtue of a resolution to establish the IPDU, in order that Islamic values are fundamental to Muslim participation in all education and academic institutions and the development of all innovation and foresight, critical thinking that applies to Islamic norms, ethics, and moral values, embedded in Impeccable trusted leaders and leadership.

Profile of Sheikh (Professor /Dr) Shaheed Satardien.

Sheikh Ejaazah, completed studies in Makkah and Medina
PhD – World Peace and Dialogue
PhD. – Sociology
PhD. – Philosophy
Qualified, Teacher Diploma in Arabic studies
Sheikh (Professor /Dr) Shaheed Satardien now holds the Chair of Ameer/Custodian of the IPDU and will ensure the Independence of the institution in alignment with the Islamic, Sciences, norms, ethics and moral values as espoused through the Ahli Sunnah wal Jama-ah.
Sheikh (Professor /Dr) Satardien will confer / Ejaazah on students who are found to be competent in reading for any of the degree courses, and related programmes, that complies to the conditions and requirements of awarding Ejaazah.
The Sheikh (Professor/Dr) is the author of various papers, and is respected and internationally recognized for his presenting various academic papers on World Peace and on Islamic Sciences.

Courses offered by the IPDU include :
* Liberal Arts
* Islamic and Arabic at BA, BA Honours, MA, MPhil and PhD.
* Executive level programmes in Islamic sciences

The IPDU Philosophy

The Independent Peace and Dialogue University is open to mature students who are committed to continuous learning for personal growth and development, in innovation and foresight, and as critical thinkers in logical reasoning.
Places on courses and programmes are offered to potential candidates through assessments and interviewing processes that will allow students the opportunity of learning and development, and to support independent thinking, quality research, and methodologies made easy to all.
The key element for entry requirements is to make learning accessible to all potential students, who give a commitment to the approach of the IPDU as set out in its philosophy.
The Independent Peace and Dialogue University has an open and flexible system of accreditation to learning, designed to suit the needs of mature students, who work at their own pace to earn the degree based on a minimum of three years or more in successful completion of studies.

The Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Sciences qualification:
* is a sought-after degree that is designed and awarded on the basis of a minimum of fifty five credits, that is a mix of course work and credits that count towards the thesis. Students must obtain/accumulate a minimum of twenty five or more credits from course work over three years. It is recommended that students take up to three courses in any one year, with a minimum of five credits per course.
The credits are awarded for a mix of presentations, assignments, formative and summative assessments, and may include class related activities, including field trips attendance at seminars, conferences, and the annual summer school. With the rapid development in social media, may bring exciting changes to how we exchange a ontinuous process of accessing technology as a means of communicating.

Potential candidates /students must not hesitate to contact Sheikh (Professor /Dr) Shaheed Satardien on mobile 27 072 739 7482.